A small tool to sort pictures and videos into a common date based directory structure.
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Picsort is a small tool that takes a number of pictures from cameras and sorts them into folders by year and month. It also detects duplicates and sorts them out.

Surpringsingly it also works most video formats, because of github.com/tajtiattila/metadata.


Ask the program for parameters:

picsort --help
Usage of ./picsort:
  -directory string
        path of the source directory
        don't create directories or files (default true)
  -target string
        path to the target directory
  -workers int
        number of workers to analyze and copy files (default 10)

Take a folder and sort it into a different directory:

picsort --directory sourcedir --target targetdir

With --dry-run a log is generated what would be done.

The --workers flag starts multiple workers that take over the copying and analyzing of metadata for better throughput.