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+++ title = "block mails for unknown users" date = "2014-01-16T09:01:01+00:00" author = "Gibheer" draft = false +++

Postfix' policy system is a bit confusing. There are so many knobs to avoid receiving mails which do not belong to any account on the system and most of them check multiple things at once, which makes building restrictions a bit of a gamble.

After I finally enabled the security reports in freebsd the amount of mails in the mailqueue hit me. After some further investigation I found even error messages of dspam, having trouble to rate spam for receivers which were not even in the system.

To fix it, I read into the postfix documentation again, build new and hopefully better restrictions. The result was even more spam getting through. After a day went by and my head was relaxed I read the documentation again and found the following in the postfix manual

The virtual_mailbox_maps parameter specifies the lookup table with all valid recipient addresses. The lookup result value is ignored by Postfix.

So instead of one of the many restrictions a completely unrelated parameter is responsible for blocking mails for unknown users. Another parameter related is smtpd_reject_unlisted_recipient. This is the only other place I could find, which listed virtual_mailbox_maps and I only found it when looking for links for this blog entry.

So if you ever have problems with receiving mails for unknown users, check smtpd_reject_unlistef_recipient and virtual_mailbox_maps.